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Modern online games Puzzles online are available to play for free and were born from the ancient art of mosaics.

From pieces of fitted pebbles, colored glass, shells and gems, the craftsmen put together hunting scenes, praised the military exploits of the king and his troops, depicted the greatness of the country, paid tribute to numerous gods. Thus, sidewalks were laid, but more often the walls of temples and houses were painted. Now it has become impractical, but it has fun puzzles. These are some pictures, divided into pieces in the form of mosaic elements. Each has its own facets, and they must be connected.

The Origins of the Word Puzzle Game


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Fans of jigsaw puzzles are ready to devote long hours to this activity, collecting pieces of the picture, in order to then fix them on the backside, take them into a frame and hang them on the wall in the form of a picture. So they not only indulge in their favorite entertainment but also decorate their abode, without even thinking that they simply continue, in this way, the centuries-old traditions of different peoples.

Puzzles have been transformed into a familiar form for us from the ancient art of mosaics, as evidenced by the excavations of archaeologists. The first mosaics used colored shards, pebbles, and other suitable materials. They were carefully selected and fitted to each other in size and shape so that they fit snugly and repeat the intended pattern.

This work was painstaking and it took months and years to decorate a large area. This is how the palaces, roads and tombs of the pharaohs were designed in Ancient Egypt, and when Rome began to closely communicate with Egypt, he adopted this idea from him to make his own temples more magnificent, using smalt — durable glass, colored pebbles and pebbles. Archaeologists, introducing us to history, show in museums found samples of mosaics from the Sumerian cities of Mesopotamia and ancient Corinth.

With the growth of technology and culture, other materials began to be used for mosaic, which made it more graceful and elegant. More shades appeared in it, and the drawing acquired smooth lines. When Europe was going through the times of Rococo, with its splendor and splendor, mother-of-pearl shells of mollusks began to weave into mosaics, and richer houses could even afford pearls. In Eastern culture, love for everything bright has always been noted, and this is reflected in the mosaics with which the houses of noble nobles, caliphs, viziers and mosques were decorated. Scenes of hunting, palace life and famous battles, diluted with geometric ethnic ornaments, are frozen in shades of yellow, blue, gold and red.

Variety of Puzzle Game Online

Now everyone can feel like an ancient artist-architect, working on the decoration of the pharaoh’s last refuge or the palace for the queen. There are many themes for the action and all of them look attractive for every age.

Offering jigsaw puzzles to play online for sophisticated gamers, we took care to provide them with complex options with many elements, where the interweaving of thin lines and color transitions can be confusing.

  • Restore integrity to the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo;
  • Collect old geographic maps;
  • Portraits of historical figures.

Even such age-old themes as golden autumn or a shipwreck in a restless sea can puzzle the puzzle master.

You can play jigsaw games for free, both in an independent version, and as an additional task in a game of a different direction, collecting scraps of notes, photographs, diagrams, drawings.

How to Play Block Puzzle Game?

Puzzle Blocks «is a logic game that can amuse you and be of great benefit! In this game, it is proved that daily completing puzzles such as» Puzzle Blocks «is great for training your brain, logic, imagination, and like nothing else improves your memory.

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There is such a process of solving a problem with which you can memorize visual patterns and features of the arrangement of objects such as «Puzzle Blocks»! Prepare for the fact that in this game some stages will be easy, while others will make your brain boil with searches for suitable solutions to this puzzle with blocks puzzle Well, want to know how smart you are in the addicting block puzzle game? Then let’s get started!

Your task in the game is to collect all the «Puzzle Blocks» in the least number of moves. To do this, you just need to grab the required puzzle block, then move the mouse pointer over it, press the left button and drag it to the appropriate place on the playing field.

Every 20 challenges dedicated to a special civilization of ancient countries: Egypt, Greece, Persia, etc. The difficulty of the Puzzle Blocks game will increase as you progress through it. This is a puzzle with blocks of wood, two-color Greek with boulders, and Persian — with additional limiters of stars. Fortunately, you are lucky that all levels will be answered in the form of bonus tips, so feel free to hit the start and enjoy this brainstorming game in the game «Puzzle Blocks»!

Good luck!